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28 weeks later….

So we’ve just had our 28 week scan and all is fine and dandy. The little critters each weight approximately 3lbs each – a healthy size indeed! It’s been fascinating … Continue reading

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4 months today……

We’re due on the 20th April – so 4 months yesterday (technically speaking). Although twins generally arrive slightly premature – OR depending on which hospital you’re booked in with, they … Continue reading

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What do the grandparents think and feel?

So today I have a post about things from a different perspective. I think it’s common for mums to get excited when they hear that their kids are expecting babies. … Continue reading

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A fascinated bystander

Still feeling a little passive about it all. The bump is growing in Pammys tummy. The cliches continue to roll every time someone hears our good news; “Enjoy the last … Continue reading

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Current thoughts…..

So we’re 14 and a bit (I think) weeks in, and there is now a feeling of ‘acceptance’ and realisation for the first time, that everything probably WILL go to … Continue reading

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Ding Ding: Round 2 !

1 year, 2 months and 11 days since I last wrote on this blog. Around 11 weeks ago, Pamela came into my study one Saturday morning and simply shoved a … Continue reading

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Silence. Motionless. Nothing. The midwife knows instantly, but continues to scan for 30seconds or so. For a short moment, ‘hope’ crosses over her. I’m watching Pamela, and she knows the … Continue reading

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